Virtual Audio Cable 4-15 Crack

 Virtual Audio Cable 4.15 Crack Full Version Free

Virtual Audio Cable 4.15 Crack

Virtual Audio Cable Crack is a Windows multimedia driver. This is a virtual audio device for Windows. It allows applications’ audio streams to be shared amongst each other. It also allows you to transfer audio streams from one application to another. You can create a pair of Wave In/Out devices for each cable with it. Any application can send the audio stream to Out device and other application can receive this stream in the device. All transfers are made digitally. VAC 4.15 is a “wave-version” of the “MIDI loopback cable” like MultiMid. If more than one applications are sending audio to VAC, it will mix all streams together. If more applications are receiving audio from VAC, it will also share the same audio data between all targets.

Virtual Audio Cable 4.15 Crack

Virtual Audio Cable Crack is useful to record application’s audio output in real time. It can also transfer a sound stream to another application. You can use two as well as more software audio generators. Which will produce audio streams sending them to VAC Out. The mixed stream recording from VAC In using any recording software. Like Windows Sound Recorder, Sound Forge, WaveLab, Gold Wave, Cakewalk, Cubase and much more. If you using an audio encoder application, you can also use VAC to supply. Such as encoder with a stream produced by other application. The Virtual Audio Cable Crack to “thief” an output sound stream also use with this application. Which does not allow to write it into the WAV file. If you are using some Voice Over IP or Internet Telephony app like Skype. You can also use VAC to record your calls and conversations.

Add As Well As Examine Cable Information

Some of the displayed parameters concern the driver, while others refer the cable. The first item you can change is the number of virtual cables. Those cables are created by the program. Adding a new one displays a new item in the monitoring pane. You can view the number of detected streams and change the worker thread number and priority.Virtual Audio Cable Crack

Personalize Some Advanced Settings

There are various parameters to configure for each cable. Setting the maximum instances number as well as the sampling rate. Bits per sample range and the channel number, are just some of the options. You can also enable the stream buffer watermark, volume control, and channel mixing.

When the configuration process is over, you need to open an audio producing program. It allows you to choose a playback device. The Audio Repeater application is an actual transfer from the recording port to the other audio device. If more than one application sends audio streams to Virtual Audio Cable, the driver mixes the signal together.


Virtual Audio Cable promises to pass the audio signal with no quality loss. It can also prove handy once you get the hang of it.

Virtual Audio Cable 4.15 Crack Full Version Free

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