Synei System Utilities 4.30 Premiere Portable Crack

Synei System Utilities 4.30 Premiere Portable Crack

Image result for Synei System UtilitiesSynei System Utilities is a comprehensive piece of software that provides you with numerous tools and functions meant to help you clean your computer of unnecessary data like web history, defragment drives and enhance its overall responsiveness and speed.

  Features :

  • Turbo Mode
    Turbo Mode dramatically speeds up your PC by temporarily suspending all the unnecessary background activities that is slowing down your PC. Your PC’s performance will be maximized, CPU stress will be reduced, and additional resource will be freed up, so you can continue to enjoy the things you enjoy most.
  • Spyware Defender
    Spyware Defender is a powerful program that secures your PC and prevents any unwanted threats such as Spyware, Trojans, Dialers, and Cookies from infection your PC. With Spyware Defender, you’ll be able to surf the web safe and securely. It is even able to run safely alongside any other security programs you have in your system.
  • Registry Cleaner
    Synei Registry Cleaner will locate and repair problems in the Windows Registry, such as invalid entries, unused items, missing referenced applications paths, and many more. Your registry will be optimized, cleaned up, error-free. If your Windows Registry becomes faster, so will your PC.
  • Browser Optimizer
    Browser Optimizer helps all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox load much faster, run more efficiently, and increase the speed of page loads. It does so by handling the memory usage of the browsers. The memory consumption of browsers will be greatly reduced resulting in faster performance.
  • Ram Cleaner
    Synei Ram Cleaner is able to free up unused RAM, prevent crashes, and increase your PC performance in one single click. This ensures you are able to run your favorite applications or games at optimal performance. Unlike other RAM Cleaners, we use the native Windows API to do the cleaning so it’s extremely stable and effective. Now you no longer have to restart your PC every time it starts to slow down.

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