Receive Special Updates on Windows 10 Anniversary

Receive Special Updates on Windows 10 Anniversary

Receive Special Updates on Windows 10 Anniversary

Windows 10 Anniversary Updates : Microsoft is  making  windows 10 for a  many years  and now succeeded in creating  a masterpiece in the form of Windows 10 Operating  System . Although you will not agree and say that Windows 98 , windows XP ,and Windows 7 was better .

But  in the eyes of Experts under the existing  need for  the current period  Windows 10 is a great operating system .

The reason for this is that a window is used from a computer with other devices. Moreover, students, curious people play games, designers and developers are equally useful purpose for people from all walks of life.

Microsoft has released special updates recently  on the occasion of Windows 10 Anniversary . To bring more features and improvements in windows 10 , Microsoft has released a bundle of updates .

Best New Features of Windows 10 Anniversary Updates

This is second major update of Windows 10. Before this, a major update  for  Windows 10 version  is issued in the name of 1511 . By Special anniversary of windows 10, you will receive what new features .To find them , you can see on the following link.

Link :Windows 10 updates

How to Get  and Install Windows 10 Anniversary Updates

The easiest way to get these updates is to run windows updates .This will download and install the latest  Windows updates. However , it is necessary to confirm whether you have already installed these updates or not . click on the windows start button to return  to the settings . Either settings to open , then click on update and security .

Get And Install Windows 10 Anniversary Updates

After that click on ‘advance options ‘ present in bottom . On the next screen option View Your Update History will be available.

update history

Through this you can know that your windows was updated last time on what date . This new updates for Windows 10 was released on August 9, 2016. If  updated after this date you have installed then you need to do not some thing .

If  you have not installed the latest updates then you can order to download updates to Windows .But often users can not install special updates .Therefore , Microsoft has  offered  the solution itself also .

Visit the following Link to download the latest updates from Microsoft website .

latest version of win 10

Run the tool to complete the download ,it will tell you on the first screen that this now has what version of Windows , this tool can be updated or not .On the next screen , this tool will provide you test your system’s hardware . Whether  it is compatible with the windows update or Not .The existing RAM can endure  this new version  and there is so much space on the Disk  that you download and install these updates .If  you are all right here then you can click on the Next Button below .

windows 10 congratulations

On the next step Windows Upgrade Assistant will start to download these new updates.


Now you can leave it for a while  because  updates will take some time to download and install .This time also depends on your Internet speed .After  a time  updates  complete download , this tool also installs then automatically.

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