PDF Eraser Crack 2017

PDF Eraser Crack With Patch

PDF Eraser Crack With Patch

PDF Eraser Crack  :PDF  is an excellent  format for sending  various documents to others. Often we do not want  a PDF file  to send someone that they might see things in it or change  such as phone number  email  address or company address. For  this  job an excellent and useful software  with a name PDF Eraser Crack is available which is free. By  using this application , users can delete any text or image in PDF document .


 What can a PDF Eraser Crack do

This software program is not limited to this work  but also by this app , users can add text and images in the PDF files. Users can also rotate pages  mean if a page by mistake was looking down ,it can be straight. In addition , if there are extra pages in PDF file. By PDF Cutter which is available in this software application , these extra pages can deleted.

Key Features of PDF Eraser Crack

  • Delete PDF text easily.
  • Remove PDF images or logos.
  • Add text to PDF file.
  • Put your images to PDF.
  • Cut PDF pages.
  • Customize Eraser Size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easily add or remove the objects.

How to Erase PDF Text  and Images ?

  • After installation ,open PDF Eraser Crack and click open PDF button to open pdf file.
  • Choose your preferred eraser button which are 3 Small ,medium ,large to erase the text or images.
  • Final save the result.

How to Add Your Text And Images to PDF ?

  1. Click the Add Text button and draw text area.
  2. Write your text and press ok.

Add Images

  • Click on add Images button and next click on PDF page.
  • Choose image file to add.
  • Drag the right button spot to resize the picture.

How To Delete PDF pages

  • Run PDF Eraser Crack and click on page cutter.
  • Next click the large button , drag and drop file onto it.
  • Choose pages you required to delete .You can drag on the list to select one more pages.
  • Click deleted selected button to delete pages.
  • Save button to save the PDF.

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