Jingling 4-0-4 Traffic Software

Jingling 4.0.4 Traffic Software Crack

Jingling 4.0.4 Traffic Software

Jingling Traffic Software is one of the best traffic software which is use by webmasters and personal blog writers for the website promotion, internet marketing, as well as web shop practitioners. It is a free web promotion application. It helps to increasing traffic of website, and web page views/visits and strength of unique visitors. If you are facing the problems of low traffic as well as unique visitors then use it. It will also manage an unlimited traffic for your blog or website.

Jingling is a great software, to get much more traffic to your channel. It is also use to boost up the traffic within minimum time. You can get real traffic with its help. This software uses bots to create maximum and automatic visitor for your website. Jingling is the source software for auto traffic creator for blogs, websites, and channels etc. It is also responsible for receiving visitor which are unique. It is free as well as simple to obtain traffic as you like. This free version tracks with new analytical visiting creator. As a result, this is Free Traffic bot software drives thousands of visitors per day to your website.

What is Jingling Bot?

Jingling Bot software of china for webmasters to gain hits on their websites as a traffic exchange. This is a small PC java app that will help your sites traffic and boost Alexa rank. But if your website running Google Adsense on your site don’t use it or else you will get banned. By using Jingling you can improve search result and views, others always use jingling for PTP or CPM Ad Networks to increase their profits.


  • Forever free as well as no registration.
  • No setup as well as Single file.
  • Full Support Service.
  • Mutual visit for traffic in the different region.
  • Visit with browser under rule control.
  • Flexible use for different requirement.
  • Choose different countries in settings.
  • English version of Traffic Spirit released.
  • Filter sound.
  • Block pop-ups.
  • Block trojan virus as well as Stop bad script.
  • Professional team.
  • Continual upgrade.

Download And Install

  • Download Jingling from here
  • Open the file.[No Need of install]
  • Add URLs
  • Enjoy Unlimited Traffic to Your Site

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