Flappy Dunk Mystery Skin Tips and Tricks

Flappy Dunk Mystery Skin Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Flappy Dunk Mystery Skin

Flappy Dunk Mystery Skin Tips and Tricks is an very interesting game, It is another perpetual ball shot-production amusement for the iOS and Android stages where you will likely shoot whatever number crate as could be expected under the circumstances in succession. You can impact through unlimited levels for as high of a score as you can get, and you can finish challenges which get perpetually hard to beat. There are a huge amount of balls to open in this amusement, incorporating a secret ball with a fairly cloud indicate. Read on for a guide on the most proficient method to open each ball in Flappy Dunk!


Orange ball: This is the one that you start with. Nothing required with a specific end goal to open it.


Yellow ball: Make at least three shots amid an interminable amusement to open this one.


Purple ball: Make four wash shots in one round to open this ball.


Green ball: To get this one, you need to score no less than 25 focuses in one single round.


Red ball: Play 30 unlimited amusements aggregate and you’ll open this one. Scores don’t make a difference, so simply lose immediately.


Blue Ball: Complete 15 add up to difficulties to make history this ball. It doesn’t make a difference which ones you do – any of them are alright.


Maroon Ball: Achieve 10 wash shots in succession and afterward you will open this one.


Repudiate: To kick it into high gear the torpedo, you need to play a sum of 100 unlimited amusements.


White ball: To open this one, you should simply accomplish 15 wash shots consecutively. Simple, correct?


Rainbow Ball: To acquire this one, you need to finish every one of the 30 of the test levels, or (later on after a refresh when more are included) 30 add up to challenge levels.


Soccer Ball: To get this one, score at least 50 focuses in one single round.


Earth Ball: If you need to get this one, pivot 1800 degrees between two circles (or five full twists add up to).


Moon Ball: Play 200 unlimited amusements to get this one. At the end of the day the scores don’t check.


Baseball: Score at least 100 of every one single round to open this one.


Knocking down some pins Ball: You need to score at least 150 of every one single round keeping in mind the end goal to kick it into high gear the playing ball – extremely troublesome one.


Waterpolo Ball: This one is to a great degree simple. You should simply tap it in the ball menu, and watch an advertisement to get it.


Winding Optical Illusion Ball: Play the amusement 7 days in succession and you will open this one.

Volleyball: Score at least 100 focuses by utilizing another opportunity. The 100 must be scores AFTER the additional opportunity is utilized.

8 Ball: Pass 1,000 bands altogether – not in one round but rather joined over all rounds.

Rainbow Beach Ball: Unlock 15 other of the ball skins.


  • Easy to play
  • Great access through app store & play store
  • You can make perfect goal with ball

At last, there’s the riddle ball. The amusement won’t reveal to you how to open this one. To open it, you need to burn through 8 seconds or more in the middle of one band and another loop. The best approach to do this one is to slam the ball into the edge of a band for 7 seconds or something like that, and after that shoot your ball into the loop and you’ll open it.

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Flappy Dunk Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Flappy Dunk Mystery Skin Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

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